Iinternational Conference

The Manuscripts of
Charlemagne's Court School –

Individual Creation and
European Cultural Heritage

This site is dedicated to the Manuscripts of Charlemagne's Court School . At the time being, intensive efforts are made to register the manuscripts of

Charlemagne's Court School in the list of UNESCO Memory of the World.
It concerns a corpus of eight complete manuscripts and a fragment:

  • The Codescalc Evangelistary, (Paris, BN, Nouv. Acq. Lat. 1203)
  • A Evangelistary from St.-Martin-des-Champs (Paris, Bibl. de l’Arsenal, Ms 599)
  • The Ada Gospels (Trier, Public Library., Hs 22)
  • The Dagulf Psalter (Vienna Austrian National Library, Cod. 1861). Cover: Paris (Louvre, Dép. Des Objects d’Art, Iv. 9/10)
  • A gospel fragment containing the announcement to Zechariah (London, BL, Cotton Claudius B. V.)
  • The Evangelistary from Centula [de Saint Riquier] (Abbeville, BM, Ms 4 [1])
  • An Evangelistary of unknown origin (London, BL, Cod. Harl. 2788)
  • The Evangeliar from St. Médard in Soissons (Paris, BN, Ms lat. 8850)
  • The Lorsch Gospels (Alba Iulia, Romania, Bibl. Batthyáneum, Cod. II. [Mathew and Mark] and Vatican, BAV, Cod. Pal. Lat. 50 [Luke and John]. The ivory panels and book cover: Vatican Museums and Victoria and Albert Museum, London)

In this context, an International Conference is organized at the Trier City Research Library (Stadtibliothek Trier) on the 10th - 12th October 2018.